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Cellular life began and evolved in the sea for nearly 3-billion years. In the late 1800’s, revolutionary biologist Rene Quinton was inspired to prove that the extracellular fluid and blood plasma of animals and humans was inherited from seawater. Years of research culminated in his famous treatise, L’eau de Mer Milieu Organique*, that changed our understanding of physiology forever.

*Seawater, the organic medium

Seawater – What is it?

Seawater is the most complex fluid on planet Earth, containing a biochemical record of every aspect of evolution from enzymes to RNA and DNA. It served as life’s biological terrain, supporting homeostasis throughout the development of all five Kingdoms of Life. Most importantly, the Primordial Ocean provided the complete spectrum of mineral and trace elements of the Periodic Table that nourished all cellular life.

Today, modern terrestrial life is deficient in the complex nutrients once provided by the sea to support a healthy and balanced extracellular matrix. Rene Quinton recognized that seawater could be one of the most important nutrients for achieving homeostasis. He and his researchers located the ideal location for harvesting the purest, most biologically active seawater – a plankton bloom.

Plankton blooms are huge assemblages of both phytoplankton and zooplankton that interact in a process known as Biocenosis, generating a complex and nutrient-rich biochemical diversity.

Modern Preparation of Original Quinton Seawater

Today, after 118 years, Laboratoires Quinton continues to harvest, process and package seawater under the proprietary protocols developed by Rene Quinton. Far from coastal areas in the pristine open Atlantic Ocean, a precise location within the plankton bloom is determined for harvesting seawater from a depth of 30 meters into sterile containers. The containers are chilled to 4o C and transported to the Laboratoires Quinton, an EU certified pharmaceutical facility. To produce a raw bioactive mineral and trace element supplement of this quality requires:

  • A month-long detailed QC evaluation of each seawater batch
  • Minimal processing and no direct human contact
  • Pharmaceutical clean-room conditions
  • Cold micro-filtration (never heated or energy sterilized)
  • Robotic packaging in sterile glass ampoules
  • Extensive chemical and microbiological QC testing of the finished product

Oral Original Quinton Isotonic™ - “Restoring the Terrain”

Rene Quinton and his researchers discovered that when they diluted seawater to match the osmotic concentration (0.9%) of the blood, it was quickly absorbed and replenished the composition of the extracellular fluid. The result was enhanced cellular nutrition required for homeostasis.

Original Quinton Isotonic™ has 0.9% bioavailable minerals and trace elements of the Periodic Table, which uniquely supports restoration of the biological terrain.

Oral Original Quinton Hypertonic™ - “Optimum Mineralization”

Quinton Hypertonic™ is pure seawater harvested from a protected plankton bloom, following the strict protocols developed by Rene Quinton.

Original Quinton Hypertonic™ has 3.3% bioavailable minerals and trace elements of the Periodic Table, which support optimal mineralization and alkalization.

If you are on a low sodium diet, Original Quinton™ does not recommend the use of Quinton Hypertonic™. One ampoule of Quinton Hypertonic™ contains 108 mg of sodium, approximately the same amount in an average size apple.

Quinton seawater exclusive properties:

  • The ONLY nutritional seawater harvested from pure Biocenosis zones within plankton blooms.
  • The ONLY nutritional seawater prepared in a dedicated GMP facility with EU certification and FDA registration.
  • The ONLY nutritional seawater that is refrigerated during transportation and all processing.
  • The ONLY nutritional seawater that is raw, unheated, dual-microfiltered, un-concentrated and packaged in glass ampoules.
  • The ONLY nutritional seawater source of organo-complexed bioavailable minerals, trace elements and bioactive marine cofactors – 78 laboratory-verified elements.