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Totum Sport, The perfect solution to face your challenges

Totum Sport

Minerals are lost through physical exertion when you play sport. This makes us tired quicker, which means that after exercising you can suffer from cramps or are more prone to injury. Totum Sport is designed to stop these symptoms by replenishing the minerals you need to be properly hydrated and have enough stamina to face your toughest challenges.

The only supplement that gives you the 78 electrolytes needed to keep you properly hydrated.

Some energy drinks contain up to four or five electrolytes. However, Totum Sport is the only 100% natural product that can supply you with the 78 natural elements (minerals) that you need to make sure your body is properly hydrated so that your sports performance and overall health improves.

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How often should I take totum sport

When you play sport, you immediately begin to lose minerals due to the physical strain on your body. To get the optimum results, take one sachet of Totum Sport before exercising, another one after each hour of exercise and then another one when you finish.

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